Sunday, August 14, 2016


Who are you?
Anne Whalley
I am a Personal Stylist & International Motivational Speaker.
I am passionate about fabric and an avid sewer.
Helping people Dress to Express themselves and  feel confident in their skin is something I live to do.
My formal fashion training began in my twenties.
In the International sewing community I am known as "The Pattern Whisperer." 

2.  Describe your fashion style
Dramatic Creative and Comfortable!
All three ingredients result in an outfit I love wearing.

Who is your favourite style icon & why?
David Bowie! He was never afraid to dress the way he felt inside.

Name your 5 essential fashion pieces
Brown two way stretch Singlet dress - this basic piece is a platform for the majority of my my outer pieces
My yellow cape - first cape I made and now I have an addiction to capes
My cocoon dress - a recent make that I want to wear everyday I made another one
My crochet digital print dress. Everything about this dress makes me feel fabulous
My hand-knitted neck accessory made by my designer friend Alfia Galimova.
I love the colour and the design and the various ways it can be worn

Do you have a special prized fashion piece in your wardrobe?
My latest make is usually my special prized fashion piece!
I get crushes on the way my newest creation feels and looks.
I have to stop myself from wearing something too much.

What is something surprising about you?
I love listening to people and taking them on a journey that helps them move forward.
Seeing people break free from situations and take control of their lives is what gets me up in the morning!
The surprising part is that I show them  how wearing the right clothes is the key to their breakthrough!

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