Tuesday, April 19, 2016

EPITOME OF FLAIR - Rachel Azzopardi

Who are you?
Rachel Azzopardi aka Bella Von Doll Shop -Be Von Doll (Be Like Me)
Claim to fame
I was chosen out of a group of 20 girls to join June Dally Watkins Modelling Agency when I was 17. A modest country girl with 3rd generation sewing skills handed down from my beautiful Nana
 Describe your fashion style - Simple and Classic with a hint of Flamboyance

Who is your favourite style icon & why?
From a young girl I adored Gabrielle Coco Chanel. I watched the video of her life story when I was 13 and I use to cut out pictures from Vogue Magazines and paste them into my high school diary of her fashion releases every season. I still adore her life story of small beginnings to supreme couturier
Name your 5 essential fashion pieces:
Rago Shapewear Cincher
Vintage petticoat
matching Bangle Brooch and Earrings
Vintage Handbag
Hubby wearing a colour coordinated Bobby Darin to match my dress.
Do you have a special prized fashion piece in your wardrobe?
I have many favourite pieces, but my most special is my black velvet and white bow vintage hat
What is something surprising about you?
In 1991 I was driving through Maryborough from a holiday in Hervey Bay and stopped to take a photo of one of the most famous restored Queensland houses of our town. Not knowing then that 15 years later I would purchase the house and now living across the road from the house I stood in front of to take that photo. Amazing where your path in life leads you.
Do you have a favourite sewing pattern?
I have many original vintage patterns that I purchased at one of our local op shops. I adore them all, for their age and their history. One of my favourites is McCalls 3015 .  I like the high neckline and back detail, I've just been to scared to make it.
Last year, along with a few like minded friends, we started the Rockin' Maryborough Vintage Festival with the objective to share the love of vintage in our town. I am the president and our first years event was organised in flash of 12 weeks.
I never like to fail but the task that we started was bigger than Ben Hur.
I'm glad we have had 12 months this year.


  1. Lovely post about a lovely person - it's great to "meet" so many like-minded or people with similar interests here, from all over the world.

    I love the last dress with the green flower bouquets! And the car, of course...

  2. Agreed Doris. AND Rachel is just so lovely in person as well.
    Yes..... that car...... sigh.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this. Thats fantastic about the house she must be a very positive person who makes things happen X

  4. Oh Great post, I actually live in the same town as Rachel and know her quite well! :)