Monday, June 13, 2016

EPITOME OF FLAIR - Sheree Finney aka Sherry Knee

Who are you?
My name is Sherry.
I have no shop, and no claim to fame, aside from being the friend of some amazing, spectacular women.
Describe your fashion style
I pinch a bit from here and a bit from there. Of course vintage, but not exclusively.
I wear boots and jeans and western shirts to work most days, but will rock a good frock on "casual Friday" (which i know as "Frock up Friday")

Who is your favourite style icon & why?
I hope I can say a few....
The spectacular Clara Bow. Her hair, her clothes, her cheeky nature, her gorgeous husband, her famous 'bow' lips. The most celebrated woman of the silent film era. She was so effortlessly cool. (And i am sure the effortlessness was in fact intentional and time intensive)

Modern day style icon would probably have to be Diane Keaton.
The woman has always danced to the beat of her own drum.
She is stylish (her staple being huge skirts with masculine shirts) she is her own self, and unapologetic about aging. I LOVE that!

In my own life, my real life style icon is Billie.
Because, well... Billie. She is a dream boat!
I love her for some of the same reasons i love the above 2 women.
Effortlessly chic, beautiful inside and out, and comfortable being herself.

Me, as Tesla's pigeon, with my real life idol Billie

Name your 5 essential fashion pieces
1) Good foundation wear. Investing in era appropriate undergarments makes your outerwear look so much better.

2) Eyebrow pencil. Although not technically a 'fashion' piece, I can't be without mine. (If only I could go back and tell my 20 year old self how important the right eyebrow is)

3) A distinct evening dress. Not necessarily a gown, but something that is not totes OTT, but still glamorous.

4) BROOCHES. I LOVE brooches. I am pretty sure i don't need to elaborate about them.... oh okay i will. I have cheap nasty ones, I have ornate vintage ones, I have ones that my kids have made, I have giant ones fashioned from fake grapes, i have replica Norse/Viking oval apron brooches, leather, clay, resin, dogs, cats, owls, stars, otters, captain america shields.... I should stop now.

5) Hats. Function and fashion! From giant floppy straw hats, to felt cloche hats, and tilt hats. They just finish off any look. (I am waiting for the day to return, when I can wear a hat and matching gloves without the general public thinking i have been inflicted with moonstruck madness)

Do you have a special prized fashion piece in your wardrobe?
I do! I have 2 things that i love so much.
First up is "Roberta" she is a dress from the Fred and Ginger movie of the same name.
A gorgeous black and white gown.
Made for a woman much taller than myself... but i love her none the less.
For Christmas 2014 my husband gave me a pair of shoes that are genuine 1943 green suede wedges.
They came on the original box, with the original tissue paper intact.
Never worn, and i am working myself up to being okay with wearing them out of the house.

The "Roberta" Dress

What is something surprising about you?

I lived and worked in the Qld Outback for 11 years. Most people are shocked to learn that.

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