Sunday, June 5, 2016


Who are you?

My name is Evelyn Wood I am a vintage fashion re-designer!
I create glamourous, authentic vintage reproduction s from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s and I sell them through my online store, which I like to all my Vintage Fashion House!
Describe your fashion style
I would have to describe my fashion style as an eclectic mix of different eras!
I don’t stick to just one look really, sometimes it is 20’s other days 40’s.
I dress for my mood and like to recreate the image I have in my head. I mix real vintage with reproductions and refashioned op shop finds.
I like to be over the top and completing my look with many accessories! I am a hat wearer and lover of turbans!
I wear my good things every day, nothing is saved only for special occasions in my wardrobe!

Who is your favourite style icon & why?

One of my favourite style icons has always been Marlene Dietrich.

I remember looking at beautiful black and white images of her when I was just a teenager and admiring all the glitz and glamour she extruded, and obviously all the fur that she seemed to surround herself with!
I love the look she had of the 30’s and 40’s,
I love she dressed for herself and didn’t concern herself with what others thought yet was all about the image!

Name your 5 essential fashion pieces

Tilt hat
Red Lipstick
Vintage rayon crepe dress
And fabulous sunglasses

Do you have a special prized fashion piece in your wardrobe?

Currently I think my most cherished item is a stunning 1930’s green floor length evening gown.

I found it in the remnants section of a country op shop (about to be used as an oil rag I’m sure!) for just $1!!
It only needed a little repair to the velvet trim on the neck line and it fits me perfectly! It is just so beautiful and I love rescuing fashion items from a premature death!
This dress is both beautiful and has a beautiful story!

What is something surprising about you?

I didn’t wear pants on any kind for about 6 years!

I am now getting into 20’s and 30’s style pants which I just love, but before that I took a pant hiatus as they just didn’t interest me at all!

Do you have a favourite sewing pattern? What is it?

I couldn’t possible pick just one pattern!!

But my favourite patterns are the ones that come with the Home Journal magazines.
They were some of the first vintage patterns I used and really like getting a free magazine with it! I just love that sewing was once a life skill everyone had and that there was just so much assumed knowledge,
I had trained in fashion, and the first time I used one of these patterns it still took me a while to work out what to do with it!

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