Sunday, July 17, 2016


 Who are you? 

I am Emma Pixie; 
A name which I earned for wearing lime green and purple zebra print capris in my late teens.

I studied Fashion Design on the Sunshine coast and ran a little label locally called Villa Villa Kula; my key inspiration coming from; you guessed it- Pippi Long Stocking. 
I was a punk, I was a doll, I was excited to be alive and just had to create a new look every day. Clothes were my life and they still are!

Too vivacious to be tamed I moved to London, the creative melting pot, where I studied Costume Design at Central Saint Martins; London University of the Arts. And after that had jobs assisting, designing, making and managing costumes in Opera.

 I loved my life in London, everyone I knew was a creative; a film maker, an artist, a musician, a model, an actor, a photographer, a writer; I felt that it was surely the place for me. But the winters were cold, the skies were grey and Facebook was overloaded with photos of friend’s on the beach and my family out on the boat; after four years I came home.

Back in Australia, things were very different. The theatre industry is minuscule in comparison and the competition for work incredibly ruthless. Being the peaceful loving person I am I decided to take a step away from the wigs, sequins and the rat race. 
I had a real desire to do something positive in my community so, 
I started work at Spinal Life Australia as a support worker for people who had suffered a spinal injury or have MS. 
A job which really gives you a reality check and is a job which I love.

I never lost my passion for dressing up though, my clients always look forward to seeing what I come dressed in on my next shift! It took a little while but I finally found my place in Brisbane; I met a lovely man with the same passion for clothes as me and through him I met the fabulous women of The Brisbane Vintage Mafia. 
And all of a sudden my creative desire was back in a big way!

Recently I have been sewing little traditional rag Dolls; which I call “Emma PoP’s”. 
Pop is the Dutch word for Doll, when I made my first one for my nephew that’s what he called it. You can see them on my FB page and very soon they will be available in Etsy.
I am also working in collaboration with an old friend to design for her children’s label Rockabilly Jr. Which we hope to officially launch this summer.

Describe your fashion style

When I go to get dressed I think about how I feel. Am I feeling like an Indian princess? 
A ghetto girl? A koala? Am I off to a 60’s cocktail party? Am I this season’s fashionista? 
A bus driver? A Harajuku girl? An office or school girl? A farm hand? An Opera singer? 
Have I just stepped out of a novel? … 
The world is your stage and when you dress for the stage my advice is to pick a theme and go all the way with it! 
And never, EVER mind what people might think or say, 
you are fabulous in every way!

Who is your favourite style icon & why?

I don’t actually have a style icon, my mother always said I like to swim against the tide...
 I’m inspired by life and everyone I know, all the images I see and all thing that I read.

As far as icons go I love and adore anyone who has the gusto to just be themselves in a judgmental world.

 Name your 5 essential fashion pieces

Sunday Social flower cluster earrings

A ring or two of sentimental value to remind me that I am Loved.
My Kitten De’Amor black satin pencil skirt to show off my booty- who doesn’t love a bum?!
My Alana Hill Red cropped Blazer
My no name Gold glitter heels with black velvet bow on the toe.

Do you have a special prized fashion piece in your wardrobe?

The first ‘Designer” piece I ever bought; A Cooper Street 60’s Mod style dress back in 2004. 
I saved and saved for this piece and still wear it today… 12 years on!

What is something surprising about you?

I actually love Social Science, the how’s and whys of people are just so fascinating to me.

Also, I’m a total tea addict. I go through 200 bags of Madura Premium Blend per month and that is not including the Green, Peppermint, Chamomile and Earl Grey… I’m not even kidding!! :-D

Do you have a favourite sewing pattern? What is it?

My mother’s 1970’s Knit Wit basic skirt Pattern. 
Off this one pattern you can cut 8 different sizes in three different styles; Multi Gore Skirt, Four Gore Straight Skirt, Four Gore Skirt with Flip -
My personal Favourite!.

My very old website;

The new kids wear label will be at in the mean time you can follow us on Instagram @rockabilly_jr

My personal handle is @coto_house and I post all sorts of bits and pieces from my life
 (WARNING: pictures of chickens ahead!). 
My Husband’s is @coto_design and he posts pics of cool mid-century architecture.

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